How are Christmas around the world? .

As this year Christmas has not been celebrated as usual, let´s pick some ideas of how is this time lived around the world;  who knows, maybe you can use some to make these days special!


Following lives: Shawn Mendes .

In this article, we will follow the moments highlighted from the documentary about Shawn Mendes made by Casey Neistat. You can also watch more about Shawn Mendes in our section 


Guide to de MCU .

This guide helps us to follow curiosities about all the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE movies paying special attention to references, easter - eggs and post-credit scenes. If you want to become an expert of the conections between them, this is your place.


Area 51, a real history .

Here you will learn somke facts about the real history of this famous place. Have masrtians really visited us? Have they landed here?


World book day:

James Potter books. .

April 23 is World Book Day. To celebrate, here we bring you a rarity. This is an unofficial series of books continuation of the famous saga "Harry Potter".

It narrates the adventures of James Sirius Potter, the son of Harry and his companions.

We leave you a link to the official site, and another to the first book in pdf. Follow their adventures to be able to revisit this dream universe!