My virtual classroom ....

Through this interactive tool, you will follow your virtual teacher and learn lots of things while having fun.


We love English at school ....

On this site, you will find lots of resources to continue with the lessons and activities you have seen in the school.


The Solar system  ....

Do you want to learn more about the solar system? Follow us in this adventure through space!


Good morning assembly  ....

Here you can experience the same good morning routine that you have when you arrive at school!


Assembly in english ....

If you want to start the day like you do in the school, saying hello to the days of the week, weather and seasons, click here.


Australia topics ....

Infant Education are exploring and getting to know many things in Australia. We have learned: the name of the typical animals, their customs, dances, musical instruments (such as Didgeridoo), aspects related to typical foods as well as the people who live in the local tribes.